Dyslexia Test For Children

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Get a Dyslexia Test for Children

Get a dyslexia test for children, if you’re worried about your child is showing signs and symptoms of a learning disorder. No, your child is not dumb and slow, he might have dyslexia. It’s very important that you never let your frustration show to your child, who is suffering more actually. It’s very confusing in the beginning, when the report cards continuously show that your child is not doing well in school, teachers also tend to be a little harsh, and they use words like un-cooperative and defiant regarding your child.

The gist of the problem is that your child is not stupid or being rebellious. He’s just confused himself why he can’t seem to grab simple ideas that other kids don’t have problems with. Having a learning disorder means lagging behind in school work, not being able to keep up with the other children, and it is disheartening for the child. So as a parent it is very important to show your support each pace of the way.

What exactly is Dyslexia ? Let’s understand that before getting on to the dyslexia test for children. Dyslexia is a disability common in children in which, they are unable to learn how to read, write and in severe cases, even speak. It can differ from mild to moderate to severe, and it perseveres throughout life. The first step is to get it diagnosed so that you can get to the part where it can be dealt with. The pediatrician will be able to tell you about the dyslexia test for children in which the child’s functional reading and writing skills are evaluated. The skills are observed and compared with a standard, and an intelligence test is also done.

The dyslexia test for children is done to assess some other things as well, like how well does the child take in information, but furthermore what does he do with this information? For example, the doctors will assess whether the child takes in information better by seeing it, hearing it or by doing something. So basically, in the dyslexia test for children, all the systems, i.e. auditory, visual and kinesthetic which are affected by this disorder are analyzed to check if they are in working order or below par.  When you know which system is suffering the most due to Dyslexia, the therapy can be concentrated more on that area.

These tests are supposed to be taken in a very comfortable environment so that the child does not feel alarmed and is at ease. A good night’s sleep before the dyslexia test for children is a must, and a proper breakfast before coming in. Parents should try to not coach the child about the test so that the result is not affected, and it is also recommended that during the testing parents should not be present.  The dyslexia test for children includes the following tests:

  • Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children (KABC)
  • Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale
  • Motor-Free Visual Perception Test
  • Visual Aural Digit Span Test (VADS)