What Is Dyslexia

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A number of people ask that what is dyslexia? The reason behind this is that, they do not know about the disease, its symptoms and its prevention. Dyslexia is basically a term is applied to the reading disabilities. There are different definitions of dyslexia which may differ with disciplines.

Doctors or medical professionals define dyslexia as a disease which comes out because of some genetic or neurological causes. Psychologists define it as some kind of reading problem which has no cause. But all the disciplines define it as a reading disability that can occur at any time and to anyone. In these people, there is a little intellectual capacity which make them little abnormal as compare to other normal people.

It is not difficult to understand dyslexia. Here are some of the main characteristics of Dyslexia which are defined by the medical professionals. A person can be called a patient of Dyslexia when he or she has a significant inconsistency between the cerebral ability and the reading performance. This disability can be derived through any kind of physical or emotional cause.

Some of the common characteristics of this disease are:

 (1) Inherited reading problems:

This shows that many people have this problem form their family history. They get this disability inherited from their families. That is why this type of Dyslexia has no other physical cause. This characteristic shows that this problem can occur mostly to those people who have the history of this disability.

 (2) Common among males:

Another characteristic that can help you to understand dyslexia is that this disability is common among males as compare to the females. All over the world the ratio of males who are suffering from this disability is more than the females.

(3) Low IQ level:

These people have low IQ level as compare to normal people.

(4) Reading Problems:

This means that these people do not want to read as they find it difficult process to do. They do not feel reading as a nice and enjoyable process. They do not accept reading as a leisure activity.

 (5) Problem of reverse of the words:

These people find it difficult to read the words or letters as they are. They see the words in a reverse form which is obviously impossible to read.

These are some of the main characteristics of Dyslexia. So, if you do not know anything about this disease, this information can help you a lot to understand about this disability.

The characteristics of this disability must have clear about Dyslexia. The first thing that comes in the mind of people is that dyslexia can be caused by the poor parenting. But this is not true. There is a need to understand Dyslexia Symptoms and how it is overcome.  This disability can be a reason of some mental weakness but not this kind of psychological problem. The parents who discuss this disability of their child are bold enough to discuss this problem and bring it to forefront. In this way they will be able to tell different people about this disability. This disability has many other causes that can be detected by the doctors.

So, if your child is suffering from this problem then immediately consult some doctor and ask them that What is Dyslexia and how can you save your child from this.